How to?

To get started you can either use our interactive and easy get started guide (coming soon) or use our start mining. They are both really well explained and should be easy to get started on your mining adventure.

Start mining?

In our start mining you can find a simple tool to generate the string you need. However the password is the same as the coin symbol. So example badcoin on yescrypt would be -p c=BAD-yes. The port is the depending on the algo you want to mine on so example yescrypt port is: 6233. These ports can be found on the start mining tab or on the front on the pool site.

Why use us?

We aim at being very community friendly. We have a support and a discord to help in case you should have any problems. We are also trying to make the whole mining process as easy and simple as possible. These are just some of the reasons why you should use us.

Preconfigured mining software?

In some cases we have preconfigured mining software with a small explanation on how to get started. This is the easiest and fastest way to get started. You can see on the about coins page if we have this.

Ports & Passwords?

On start mining you choose your mining algorithm and the port and password will be shown to you. The password is not a real password but instead a parameter to the mining pool about the coin used. The port is a 4 digit number after the pool addresss. The port is bound to a given mining algorithm.